Conveyancing Kit

Since 1976 our Conveyancing Kit has shown you how easy it is to transfer the title of a property without using a solicitor or a conveyancer.

(See our FAQs for an explanation of conveyancing.)

Our Conveyancing kits are available for a property purchase , sale or both.

You can purchase a conveyancing kit for use in the following Australian states and territories:


  • You save time and money by using our kit.
    Conveyancing usually takes about six hours over four to six weeks.
    It costs $150-$300 for fees and certificates.
    Solicitors and conveyancers $300-$800 on top, for a sale and even more for a purchase.
  • Solicitors and conveyancers seldom inspect the property  during the conveyancing process.  They just do the paperwork.
    You still have to do the inspections even if you pay to have the conveyancing done.
  • Negligence is far less likely to happen, as you are in direct control of the process. To the solicitor/conveyancer your transaction is just another job on their production line. You, on the other hand, have only one conveyancing job to do, and you know the details of your transaction intimately.
  • Knowing how the process works will give you satisfaction and interest, as well as saving you a lot of money!


All prices include six months telephone support and GST.



for six (6) months after purchase

State or Territory Combined Purchaser Vendor
Cost $ Postage Cost $ Postage Cost $ Postage
ACT 220.00 13.00 n/a   n/a
NSW 220.00 16.00 159.00 13.00 159.00 13.00
QLD 220.00 16.00 159.00 13.00 159.00 13.00
South Australia 220.00 13.00 n/a   n/a
Tasmania 220.00 13.00 n/a   n/a
Victoria 220.00 16.00 159.00 13.00 159.00 13.00
Western Australia 220.00 16.00 n/a   n/a