Our Refinancing Kit shows you how to transfer, change or discharge a mortgage on a property when you are refinancing or paying out a loan. It enables you to do this without using a solicitor.

(See FAQs for an explanation of refinancing.)

The kit guides you through different lenders’ requirements. Trading banks, newer banks, building societies and other financial institutions all have different requirements. For example, the smaller institutions use solicitors, whose fees you have to pay – it is customary that the borrower pays the lender’s legal costs.

The refinancing kit is suitable for use in all Eastern mainland States and Territories.


The legal work required for refinancing is not difficult. This kit is simple to use and saves you the money that you would pay to a solicitor for the process.


Refinancing kit price is $82.50 including three months telephone support and GST.

These kits are only available for the Eastern States.

3 Months




for three (3) months after purchase