What type of support is included?

Your questions are answered about material in the kit, including:

  • Help with understanding sections of the text
  • How to carry out procedures
  • Who to contact for further information
  • General Re-assurance

What type of support is not included?

Note: We are not a solicitor/conveyancer, nor do we give legal advice.
We do give clarification and points of procedure (that is, how to fill in forms and what to do next).

  • Advice about what decision you should make
  • Negotiation strategies for sale, purchase or refinance
  • Support to people other than the kit purchaser
  • Support for anything not related to the purchase, sale or refinance transaction for which you bought the kit
  • Support more than six months after you purchase the kit

How do I use the support service?

Registering for support

If you bought the kit directly from us, you are already registered.
Look inside the back cover of your kit and find your support registration number.

If you did not buy your kit directly from us, you need to register for support within 14 days of the kit purchase.

  1. Call us on 1800 252 808 and register for support.
  2. We give you a support registration number.
  3. You need to quote this number whenever you ask for support.

Using support

After you have registered, to use our support service:

  1. Call us on 1800 252 808.
  2. Give us your support registration number.
  3. Ask your question.
Kits for Australian States


for six (6) months after purchase